Global Economic Recession , Learning from Experience Dong !

JAKARTA - The government continues to look for strategies to anticipate the threat of economic crisis arising from the global economic recession . One of them by focusing on the financial and banking sector .

This was stated by Vice President ( VP ) Boediono in ’ East Asia Policy Dialogue ’ made ​​by the Faculty of Economics and Business ( FEB ) Universitas Gadjah Mada ( UGM) in Yogyakarta in cooperation with the econmic Research Institute of ASEAN and East Asia foa ( ERIA ) .

He said, the government’s economic policy should not take policy zig zag . However , should remain consistent from the experience of dealing with the economic crisis in 1997 and 2008.

Not only that , the political support is needed. ” Compared to 20 years ago , the risk for survivors of the crisis could come at any time , ” said Boediono , as reported by the official website Okezone of UGM , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) .

The instability of the global economy , he added , could affect the Indonesian economy because the financial system is connected globally . Moreover, the velocity of money in the global financial system exceeds the gross domestic product .

" It takes a country ‘s ability to cope with the crisis . Crisis is like a small explosion , could trigger a snowball rolling faster , " he said .

Boediono government described the experience in dealing with the crisis in 1997 and 2008 . Condition at that time could be a reference to the risk of a crisis in the future .

" There must be a policy which we always hold and proven . If this is used , I ‘m sure 50 percent of the country has been able to handle the crisis , " said Boediono .

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He added that the most important policies taken by the government is still obey the rules that have been created especially for the fiscal and monetary . ” It’s best to follow the proper test . Do not mess with ( policy ) fiscal , ” he said .


Parks Tablo Just Enjoyed street vendors and beggars

Most areas Tablo park located in Jalan Yos Sudarso , West Kelapa Gading , North Jakarta , filled with merchants and people with social welfare issues ( POM ) . It is considered to reduce the park’s main functions .

" Not good , this condition is not park its name , " said Tono , a resident of West Semper , Koja , North Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

According to Tono , the condition of the park has changed function . In addition to reduced comfort , these conditions also cause social unrest, the possibility of criminal acts .

Observation , rectangular garden is to use some merchants to peddle his wares . Seen some cigarette vendors , food vendors , and newspaper sellers , stalls in the park area .

Singers and POM using the park as a gathering place . In the park there are also public toilets are not maintained .

A trader said the toilet that someone managed to deposit money into the village every month . However , when questioned , toilet guards declined to comment .

Moreover , almost all the way on the side of the park is filled by public transport . Like the terminal , metromini , taxis , and other city buses parked at the edge of the park to wait for passengers . As a result , the vehicles close views of the garden .

A trader who declined to be named, said he had long enough to trade in the Park Tablo . According to him , until now there is no government that prohibits officers .

" Municipal police usually come in the morning , when daylight is gone. If here , at least I make coffee , after which they go , " he said .

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Chief Office of North Jakarta can not be questioned about it .


Vice President Leads Ceremony 1 Year Boston Bomb

Boston - U.S. Vice President Joe Biden led a memorial service Boston tragedy that occurred a year ago . Bomb in a marathon event that killed three people and left about 200 people injured natural .

Reported by Reuters on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) , Joe Biden with residents and victims of the Boston paid tribute to the dead . Attending , Patrick Downes Boston bomb survivors who now loses his legs in the ceremony .

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" We would never expect destruction and pain that we experience happens to you , " said Downes in the event.

After the ceremony , the participants clustered walking down Boylston Street , which is the end of the marathon route . They walked in the pouring rain and strong winds to raise the American flag at the finish line .

Keep in mind , police have arrested Dzhokhar Tsarnaev America , which is a bomber . Dzokhar prisoner sitting in a chair facing the death penalty with a coated article .


Shooting in the U.S. Jewish Community One Goal

NEW YORK - The U.S. Justice Department sought to determine justice in the case of the shooting at the Jewish community . But the fact is revealed , though the shooting occurred at the Jewish Community Center , which is actually not Jewish .

Frazier Glenn Cross faced charges of crimes against hatred . Ulahnya who opened fire at the site of the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park , Kansas , killing three people .

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But it turns out all three victims were not Jews . A boy and his grandfather who became the victim is a member of the Methodist church . While women are also victims were members of the Catholic church .

Cross coming from Aurora , Missouri , has a criminal record and is known as a member of the Ku Klux Klan ( KKK ) . 73 -year -old man was known as someone who strongly opposed the Jews . So reported Reuters on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Attorney General Eric Holder said , “I’ll do everything that we have the power to ensure fairness in this case on behalf of victims and their families . “

According to reports after the shooting Frazier was shouting , ” Heil Hitler ” after arrested by local officials . ” Heil Hitler ” are the words to the worship of Adolf Hitler when the Nazi triumph in Germany .

Holder added that the Ministry of Justice will work with the state counterparts to provide all the support that is available and to determine whether a federal crime legislation will be involved in this case .


Letter of the Priest (2)

Arriving at the residence Abbad , Abu Hanifa put the package together with the letter right in front of the house .

The idlers had seen , he then took the package and was delighted that scenario mengemisnya successfully . The letter read , but no further noticed . Thrown away .

Time was running . One day Abu Hanifa pass again at home Abbad . He thought Abbad had repented , but it guessed wrong . He was still listening to the slacker the complaint scenario .

Abu Hanifa did not give up . He felt the figure as a priest who is good at preaching was tested . According to him , this is a test for him . Preaching in the way of Allah is sometimes not easy .

The priest went back to his house and do the same thing , preparing money , food , and a letter to the the idler .

This time , he made a longer letter . The goal for Abbad touched hearts and repent . He then put the package in the window Abbad .

Abbad was happily take the package . Food and money . A letter is held , then read .

" Dude , do not beg like that . That’s no way sought and tried . Begging like this every day , that means you’re lazy , you have the desperate truth and power of God . It’s nothing like the pleasure of seeing you lazy people , who do not want to work for her safety , " said Abu Hanifa in the letter .

It seems that this time the contents of the letter slightly evocative soul Abbad . He also pondered the letter of Abu Hanifa . He then continued to read the letter .

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" Dude , do you continue such actions . Let your work , even if the salary is small as long as it is not kosher why . Work , do not just sit at home . Only God can give sustenance , but the good luck may not come by itself , you have to look for a friend. God will not grant requests of people who are lazy to work . "


Acquisition of the IHSG weakening because PDIP

Managing Director Indo Premier Securities , Moleonoto explain the weakening of the Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) on the opening day of the first session as the impact of the results of a quick count Pileg 2014.

"The index is purely down election results , market estimates PDIP ( Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , ed ) getting votes above 20 percent , but in reality it is different " Moleonoto said on Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .

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According to him , the existence of capital market confidence is evident from the presence of the phenomenon Jokowi effect on some time ago .

" Market expectations should be well above 20 percent . So yesterday’s election results , outside of market expectations . ‘s What makes index fell . Due to market hope Jokowi be president , so if Jokowi later rose to president will create positive sentiment to the market , " he explained .

Meanwhile , stock index at the close of the transaction this afternoon ( 10/4 ) still looks weak . At 12.WIB , the index closed with a decline of 3.18 percent to 4764.66 .

Of the 491 stocks traded , there are 249 shares fell . Meanwhile , the number of shares rose only by 48 194 shares and other shares not change position . The volume of transactions today involve 3,849 billion .


Without publication, the Samsung Launches Dual SIM version of the Galaxy S5 in China

Without much fanfare in the media , Samsung has launched the Galaxy S5 variant with Dual SIM capabilities ( G9009D ) . Dual SIM version is specifically slid in the Chinese market , which incidentally is the mobile field two cards .

In the Bamboo Curtain country , the Samsung Galaxy S5 Dual SIM version will be bundled with China Mobile , which is undoubtedly the largest mobile operator in the world because it has had more than 750 million subscribers . Unfortunately , this smartphone only supports the use of a SIM card slot CDMA 2000 and the other GSM SIM slot , instead of LTE .

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Internal hardware Samsung Galaxy S5 Dual SIM version is still the same as the original version . Among others, the screen size of 5.1 inches with a resolution of Full HD 1080p , quad-core processor speed of 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 , 2GB RAM , Adreno 330 , 16 GB of internal memory , and Android 4.4 operating system KitKat . Interestingly , the Dual SIM version also has bagged a certificate IP67 means the device is able to dive in the water and anti- dust .

The main camera features 16 MP also packed with technology supported ISOCELL tech sensors , so as to produce a 4K resolution video recording @ 30fps . Lastly, the battery is still both have a capacity of 2800 mAh .

Dual SIM version of the Galaxy S5 pegged at U.S. $ 850 or equivalent to Rp 9.5 million , which will be available along with the regular edition Galaxy S5 began on April 11, 2014.


Voting locations palace area, GKR Hemas champion

Gusti Ratu Hemas Kanjeng dominate the vote of the other candidates at the polling station Ndalem Tjokrodiningratan 11 , Road No. 1 Panembahan Magangan Wetan , Kraton , Yogyakarta .

Hemas the back forward as a candidate for DPD sequence number 8 obtain 165 valid votes . At the polling station , there are 312 DPT , and only 245 are coming to vote .

The second sequence is obtained Chairman of the Assembly , Sidarta Danusubrata serial number 12 by a vote of 35. Furthermore , Cholid Mahfud numbered five gained 13 votes .

Fidelis obtain the serial number seven of nine votes. Ismariyandani Affairs who is the wife of Roy earned six votes. While Muh . Afnan Hadikusumo serial number 11, only four votes.

Bambang Eko Prabowo sequence number four only received three votes. While Hafid Asrom with a sequence number only received two votes.

Three other names may not sound none , they Abdul Muhaimin number three , Police Commissioner ( Ret. ) Muh Hirsan number 10 , and Suratman serial number 13 .

" Kanjeng Ratu Hemas, who dominate the votes in 11 polling stations , " said Suharyono , one KPPS officer at the polling station , on Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) .

As for the calculation of the House of Representatives , Nasdem gained five votes, four votes PKB , PKS seven voices , the sound of 114 PDIP , Golkar to 22 vote, the Gerindra there are 36 votes, Democrats gained 9 votes , there are 11 sound PAN , PPP , there are 18 , Hanura to 2 vote, the UN gained eight votes , and PKPI not get a single sound .

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" To the Parliament there were 9 invalid votes and 234 legitimate , " he said .

Until 17.15 officers still perform calculations for DIY Parliament . After that , they will do the calculation for Yogyakarta City Legislature .


Consumer tease, 3 Smartphone LG’s New Specials

Competition land mobile market is now increasingly stringent water , making the brain to rotate vendors smartphone products in demand by consumers . LG Mobile Indonesia which was recently 3 to cut prices of its flagship product .

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Not only did the price cuts , LG kept his promise that the third device has now pinned its latest smartphone features a knock -on . For information , Knock On ™ feature allows the user to turn on or change the smartphone is in standby mode through two tap of a finger on the screen .

From the information received via the PULSE fanpage LG Mobile Indonesia are informed that all three of these devices will get feature Knock -On . Interestingly , not only offers advanced features , LG Mobile Indonesia also provide discounted rates for the three types of smartphones .

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LG L3 II is now only priced at 900 thousands from the previous price at Rp1 , 2 million. As for the type II LG L4 consumers only have to pay a sum of R1 , 2 million’s of previous price tag of R1 , 6 million. That also get discounts on LG L7 II is currently LG off the price of Rp1 , 9 million’s , down to 500ribuan of previous price is priced at Rp2 , 4 million .

source:http://www. tabloidpulsa

Pelarangan perdagangan satwa ilegal di Mandalay

Pihak berwenang di Myanmar telah menyita hewan dari satwa liar dan produk dari sebuah toko di Mandalay termasuk dua kulit macan dahan ditampilkan secara jelas di luar tempat .

Bertindak berdasarkan informasi yang diberikan oleh TRAFFIC Asia Tenggara , aparat penegak menyerbu toko yang menjual satwa dilindungi pada tanggal 9 September.

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Tim yang terdiri dari petugas dari Departemen Kehutanan , Kepolisian dan Departemen Administrasi Umum , juga menemukan dua Musang Indian besar, satu Kijang dan dua boneka Leopard Cats .

Dalam petugas toko juga menemukan 12 Burmese Python Batu kulit , tiga pasang sarung tangan , dompet tujuh dan delapan sabuk yang terbuat dari kulit Burma Batu Ular , serta satu boneka elang .

Satwa liar pedagang telah melanggar Perlindungan Satwa Liar dan Dilindungi Undang-Undang Serikat ( 1994) sanksi 36 ( a) dan 37 ( a) , dan wajah sampai 7 tahun penjara dan denda 50.000 Kyats (USD 7.625 ) , atau keduanya .

Myanmar National Wildlife Enforcement Network ASEAN ( ASEAN - WEN ) titik fokus dan Direktur Alam dan Wildlife Conservation Divisi Departemen Kehutanan Mr Win Naing Thaw mengatakan ” Myanmar telah melaporkan kegiatan penegakan antar kami dan sangat ingin bekerja sama dengan badan-badan internasional seperti CITES , ASEAN - WEN , TRAFFIC dan lembaga penindasan perdagangan satwa liar lainnya ” .

Myanmar , negara terbesar di daratan Asia Tenggara , kaya akan satwa liar . Namun, banyak dari spesies ini terancam oleh perburuan liar dan perdagangan .

" Ini bagus untuk melihat tindakan cepat dan tegas seperti dalam menanggapi laporan dari perdagangan satwa liar , " kata Chris R. Shepherd , Deputi Regional Direktur TRAFFIC Asia Tenggara .

"Tindakan Multi- lembaga , seperti yang satu ini , merupakan kunci keberhasilan dalam memerangi perdagangan satwa liar dan kami berharap upaya ini akan dipertahankan , " tambahnya .

Sejumlah anggota tim penegakan adalah titik fokus untuk ASEAN - WEN , platform untuk kerjasama , pertukaran informasi dan peningkatan kapasitas mengenai isu-isu perdagangan satwa liar di Asia Tenggara .

Serangan itu adalah salah satu dari 11 tindakan penegakan utama yang dilakukan di negara itu sejak Mei . Razia telah melihat penyitaan ratusan penyu yang dilindungi dan kura-kura , sisik trenggiling , gading , tanduk Gaur , berbagai kulit kucing liar dan Rusa Sambar tanduk .

" Perlu dibuat sangat jelas bagi mereka yang terlibat bahwa pemerintah Asia Tenggara tidak akan mentolerir kejahatan ini , " tambahnya .

Perdagangan spesies seperti Clouded Leopard merupakan masalah serius di Myanmar . Spesies ini benar-benar dilindungi menurun karena sebagian besar untuk berburu untuk perdagangan kulit . Survei TRAFFIC Asia Tenggara telah menemukan kulit ini terutama umum di pasar perbatasan kota , sepanjang Myanmar - Thailand dan Myanmar - China perbatasan , menunjukkan permintaan internasional , dan juga menunjukkan pelanggaran terhadap Konvensi Perdagangan Internasional Spesies Terancam Punah Fauna dan Flora Liar ( CITES ) , yang melarang perdagangan komersial internasional dahan Macan tutul .

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Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang perdagangan spesies kucing liar di Myanmar , silakan lihat laporan TRAFFIC Asia Tenggara Perdagangan

source:http://www. traffic .org/