Again, Elderly Burned Special Hospital, 21 Died

Again , a special hospital care for older people , burned on Wednesday ( 28/03/2014 ) morning . This time , the incident took place in South Korea . At least 21 people died . 81 -year -old Alzheimer sufferer arrested for the fire triggers .

Seven people were also injured in the fire that occurred shortly after midnight at a hospital in Jangseong , about 300 kilometers south of Seoul , capital of South Korea . In this facility there are 80 elderly people with chronic pain treatment when a fire occurs .

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Most patients can only be completely bedridden , including stroke patients and patients with advanced stages of dementia . The fire became a new deep sorrow in South Korea , after the sinking of the ferry disaster on 16 April 2014 , killing 250 passengers.

Police Jangseong stated a 81-year -old man was arrested after Alzheimer CCTV footage showed he set the fire in a storage room in the building ‘s two floors .

Although the fire was extinguished within 30 minutes , many patients on the upper floors could not be immediately evacuated due to heavy smoke and pekatnya . ” Most of them ( the victims , ed ) died from smoke inhalation , ” a local official told AFP when confirmed .

One of three nurses on duty when the fire broke out , died after trying to extinguish the fire wearing fire-fighting equipment . The fire incident occurred just two days after a fire at a bus terminal near Seoul on Monday ( 05/25/2014 ) , killing 41 people and injuring others .

South Korea has not fully recovered from the disaster Sewol ferry which sank on April 16, 2014 . The accident has sparked a debate in South Korea if the construction had been going too fast for the expense of basic safety standards , especially for those who are most vulnerable or at risk of becoming a victim .


Tabloid “Candidates Dolls” Jokowi Picture Circulated in mosques

A number of mosques in Pamekasan , East Java , were struck with a pile of tabloid news shows about presidential candidate Joko Widodo . Chairman Takmir Masjid Nurul Iman , Sukma Firdaus , said he did not know anything about the shipment tabloid .

" I do not know when it is placed and who sent it . Suddenly congregation already read it , " he said , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

The front page tabloid called the People ‘s Torches load images Jokowi kiss Megawati Soekarnoputeri and article entitled ” Candidate Dolls ” . One of the sub - title of tabloid reading ” 184 Non Muslim candidates PDI - P to chair the House of Representatives ” .

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Meanwhile , the address is written in a tabloid editor Pisangan Great East Road IX , East Jakarta .

According to Sukma , Nurul Iman mosque in the village Lawangan Power , District Pademawu , sent 50 copies of the tabloid . According to the tabloid heap suddenly there and quickly spread to the pilgrims who often pray in the mosque .

According to Sukma , after being read , the contents of the tabloids more personal Jokowi dissect the negative side . It was , he said , seen from the titles displayed on each page , such as ” Love Doll candidates Broken Promises ” , ” hostage Cukong and Missionaries ” , ” From Solo to Jakarta De la Jokowi Islamization ” and ” barons in Rear Jokowi ” .

" I read everything about the rot Jokowi . Nobody Jokowi preach a positive side , " he added .

In addition to news Jokowi the negative side , there are also interviews MUI Kholil Ridwan . The interview is titled ” Always Leaving Jokowi Title to non-Muslims ” . Part of the back cover pictorial Jokowi with a long nose like a character made ​​the film Pinocchio .

" A lot of the mosque congregation also affected , for example Jokowi Chinese descent , non - Muslims , and negative if the mission had become president of Indonesia , " said Sukma .

The man who is also a former student activist is disappointed with the circulation of the tabloids smelling provocation . Because almost all of the news presented no clarification of Jokowi . Supposedly , before the presidential election , further Sukma , negative issues do not spread to people not having negative assumptions .


British Citizen Found Dead in Ubud area

Anne Marie Kathryn Drozdz ( 40 ) a British tourist found dead tragic villa full of bruises in the region Tourism Ubud , Gianyar , Bali .

Now , the body of the poor woman who alleged murder victim was still deposited in the morgue Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar .

Police are still investigating the case by examining some witnesses and awaiting autopsy results .

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Gianyar Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Sandi Arsnana Komang said , to this day continues to reveal the cause of death of the victim . Police have not dared to ascertain whether the cause of death of a murder victim Anne .

" From the results of the external examination at him there , but we do not dare to conclude , " said Sandi contacted by reporters on Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) . Police said that Marie ‘s body was found in a villa in the village Master, Ubud on Thursday evening , May 22, 2014 .

The position of the victim when she was found , in a state of supine lying on the floor of the room . His face was covered in black cloth .

Of the police investigation , found the door of the room the victim was in a damaged condition . Also there is a finding dried blood spilled on the floor .

Installation of Chief Forensic explanation Sanglah Ida Bagus Putu Alit , the former found no abrasions and bruises on the neck entrapment .

" There were bruises on the victim’s mouth . Well as an open wound , " said Alit after doing the inspection with other forensic team .

Seeing the characteristics of the wound , continued Alit , it leads to the presence of unnatural things that caused the victim’s death .

" To make sure ya have to do an autopsy , " said Alit . However, so far it is still waiting for the autopsy request and permit the police family .


Observer: JK May Return ahold of Golkar If Win Presidential Election

True political observers predict Yowono Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) could return if they win control of the Golkar Party in the presidential election in 2014 and became vice president of assisting Joko Widodo aka Jokowi .

" Probably should not own JK become chairman because he was too senior . Possible Golkar will be led young politicians that support JK , " said Teguh Yowono contacted from Jakarta , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) , as quoted by Antara .

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Diponegoro University lecturer said , if Jokowi- JK won the presidential elections , of the Golkar Party Chairman will evaluate the steps Bakrie previously mandated coalition determines step . Bakrie vote in favor mate Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa .

According to him , it is possible for couples Prabowo - Hatta lost , some elements of the party would question the decision.

In the 2004 elections , JK became a couple Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and managed to become vice president , ahead of Wiranto - Salahuddin Wahid, who carried the Golkar Party . As a vice president , JK was elected Chairman of the Golkar Party .

True to see many young politicians JK Golkar supporters are likely to replace Bakrie . ” Priyo Budi Santoso possible chance , but this time he still looks sheepish for not successfully become a member of the House of Representatives . Indra J Piliang also expressed support JK brave enough , but he is not a native Golkar politician who set off from the bottom , ” he said .

True to say , the difference shown is not actually split the Golkar Party . Instead he considered it as a sophisticated strategy that becomes part of the Golkar Party whoever wins the presidential election .

" This is not just politics two legs . More than that. As the most senior party in Indonesia and from birth to power , Golkar does not want to be outside of government , " he said .

Therefore , True believes that both JK and Prabowo Jokowi - Hatta who wins , the Golkar Party would still be getting ration minister .

" Moreover , the ARB already has issued a statement in parliament is ready to support Jokowi if he won the presidential election , " he said .


China - Vietnam Conflict Performance Boost Japanese Yen

TOKYO - Japanese yen exchange rate moves closer to a two- monthly , against the U.S. dollar ( U.S. ) . Fighting in Ukraine and clashes between China and Vietnam make the Japanese yen one of the more attractive as a safe haven asset .

Japanese yen rose to three days ahead of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen Chair who will speak this week , and the Labor Department report is expected to show the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits increased .

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While the euro traded near the lowest level in more than two monthly against the Japanese yen and the U.S. dollar , as speculators bet bullish on the currency of 18 countries .

" The demand for U.S. bonds will continue to be supported by risk aversion , limiting the movement of the U.S. dollar and the yen , " said a senior analyst at Ueda Harlow Ltd. , Toshiya Yamauchi , as quoted by Bloomberg , on Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

" There is uncertainty in the Ukrainian presidential elections and rising tensions between China and Vietnam . ‘s Not an environment where investors are aggressively taking risks , " he added .

Japanese yen was little changed at 101.52 per dollar , after rising 0.7 percent in the previous three sessions . Japanese yen traded at 139.06 per euro . While the euro was at $ 1, 3698 per euro . In the U.S. , initial jobless claims probably increased to 310,000 from 297,000 on May 17 in the previous period .

China sent five ships to Vietnam to evacuate its citizens , after the demonstration ended with two deaths and damage in factories . The time protesting the placement of an oil rig in the disputed waters off the coast of Vietnam .


Selling “Brownies” Containing Marijuana, U.S. Student charged under the Law

A student in the United States accused of selling chocolate cake containing cannabis to school friends who then make them sick , must deal with the police .

Local police said the male students aged 17 years old from Seneca Valley High School in Pittsburgh that makes the chocolate cake at his residence before selling it to four friends at a price of 15 U.S. dollars, or approximately USD 150 thousand .

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One of the students then fell ill after eating the cake . He then contacted her mother, who then contacted the school administration .

Jackson city police Chief Terry Seilhamer said the student who is now a suspect was carrying marijuana that he bought for $ 140 dollars to his residence and mix it with the chocolate cake .

" Both the students and the four students who bought the cake were all still under age , " said Seilhamer .

Meanwhile, the Seneca Valley High School said it is conducting an investigation and the two students that cake maker will be sanctioned .

" The investigation is still ongoing so we can not provide a lot of information at this time , " according to the statement of the school .

" We hope this case will be a learning experience for the students that use illicit substances will affect the academic and social potential as well as affects the school environment , " added the manager of the school .

Meanwhile , the police asserted this case is not simply a case of delinquency of children . Those involved would have been charged and then circulate the prohibited items .


The U.S. dollar slumped , Expect Increased Interest Rate

United States Dollar ( U.S. ) is still experiencing weakness , following a weekly decline against major currencies . Investors await the decision of the Governor of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen Chair , amid speculation the U.S. central bank will keep interest rates near zero percent .

The traders see a chance the Federal Open Market Committee will raise interest rates on loans in December . The U.S. dollar strengthened slightly over the weekend , after government data showed the unemployment rate fell in April .

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" I hope that the data remains relatively weak in the near future . Atmosphere that there is no longer indicates a bullish trend , until you see a rate hike signals from the FOMC , I’m not sure the U.S. dollar will strengthen , " said Rochford Capital managing director Thomas Averill , as quoted by Bloomberg , on Monday ( 04/05/2014 ) .

The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index , which monitors the U.S. dollar against 10 currencies , was at 1007.39 , down 0.3 percent from last week in the range of 1007.72 .

The U.S. dollar was little changed at USD102 , 09 per Japanese yen and USD1 , 3866 against the euro . While the euro against the yen , was at 141.55 per euro from 141.77 per euro .

The U.S. Labor Department said that the workers rose 288,000 in April , the most since January 2012 . Unemployment fell to 6.3 percent , the lowest level since September 2008 .

Yellen said on April 16 that the increase in wages fixed by the slow speed with little signs of acceleration . He will speak at the congress on May 7.


PJU Pulled Back by Candidates, Citizens Police Report

Residents in Kampung Cikijing , Kujang village , District Karangnunggal , Tasikmalaya District , protesting one of the initials U.S. candidate who withdrew donations street lighting ( PJU ) in the region .

Whereas U.S. , Tasikmalaya District Council candidates Constituency ( electoral district ) V origin United Development Party ( PPP ) was passed by the Commission as a member of the local parliament .

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Supariadi Smith ( 39 ) , a resident of the village said , when the campaign of candidates once the incumbent MPs give PJU two funds through aspiration to be installed in its territory . U.S. citizens also requested support for voting to reelect the Legislative Election ( Pileg ) April 9.

" Of the two PJU that have been installed , one PJU revoked by the success of the team members one Sunday after voting . We protest because it does not repeal the approval of the local RT and RW , "said Smith told reporters on Saturday ( 03/05/2014 ) .

Smith and other residents inquired about the reason for the revocation of public lighting has been installed . However , Smith said , the U.S. argued not know related revocation actions and thought it was the initiative of a team suksesya .

" We immediately asked candidates to repeal it . But , candidates said maybe it was just my successful team . Pantaskah candidates who qualified to do so? Continue PJU also of Dishub it means to the general public , " said Smith .

With this incident , Smith said , residents in the region intend to revoke the incoming voice support to the candidates . Even the intention of revocation support has also been reported to the local Election Commission .

" This incident has been our report to the police and the Transportation Agency Tasikmalaya regency . We also intend to revoke the voice of the citizens to support candidates and has been reported to the Commission , "he added .

Until this news was revealed , there has been no official statement from the candidate with the initials U.S. in this regard .


Outstanding issues will Merapi eruption , Citizens Urged Not To Panic

Pascastatus set alert and Technological Development Research Center of Geological Kebencanaan ( BPPTKG ) , outstanding issues in the community of Mount Merapi eruption in the near future will happen .

Beredarnya practical issues disseminated through broadcast message to restless citizens .

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Following beredarnya issue of the Mount Merapi eruption , Head of Regional Disaster Management Agency ( BPBD ) Klaten regency , Central Java , Joko Rukminto asking citizens to remain calm and not be lured by false issues concerning eruption of Mount Merapi.

According to Jim , the issue is not true at all . Concerning the increased activity of Mount Merapi , deems appropriate. Moreover, the current status of Mount Merapi in alert condition .

" In the alert status of Merapi We hope people stay calm , do not panic in kesehariaan of activity and continue to increase vigilance and readiness , as well , and obey orders from government officials concerned. Whereas the development of Mount Merapi still terpantuan . Become issue will Merapi eruption in the near future , not true , "said Joko Rukminto to journalists, in Klaten , Central Java , on Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) night .

Even so , Jim asked people commonly prone areas of activity in Mount Merapi , with the changes to the status of a normal condition to be alert, to be reduced temporarily .

The initiative , which is feared , when Mount Merapi in the alert position and ready every moment of eruption , community center located in the dangerous zone , Mount Merapi , like the miners in time Woro , not knowing at all.

" We also reflect on citizens to reduce outdoor activities , especially at night. Importantly remain alert to changes to this status . Prepares adequately goods especially important documents that can be easily carried when done evacuation when Merapi erupted really , " pungkasnya .


Soekarno Hatta Back Cleaned Minister of SOEs

PT Angkasa Pura II ( Persero ) this morning doing activities outside of performance . Where , currently hold a state-owned enterprise with gymnastics gymnastics invited about 200 employees who continued with the clean-up airport .

The gymnastics event performed by the State Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan , president director of PT AP II Tri Sunoko , beserja II AP board of directors , as well as its employees . For uniform , all participants gymnastics and clean- Soekarno Hatta Airport terminal 3 green - blue - uniformed white employee group is combing every corner Soeta Airport Terminal III .

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Tri Sukono revealed , gymnastics event and clean-up Soetta service is already done at the beginning of each month . ” The clean-up event we have done regularly since this year . Idea originally came from the director of HR ( Human Resources ) , ” Tri said at Soekarno Hatta Airport , Tangerang ( 02/05/2014 ) .

Tri said the event clean-up is also done because Soeta is owned by Indonesian citizens , where AP II, just as the person in charge . ” So in addition to building unity , but it also shaped the culture of improving the airport , ” he added .

Meanwhile , State Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan said , though not as powerful as employee hygiene , but he still gives the activities carried out by the AP II . Because, according to him this kind of activity will give the initiative a very good hygiene .

" The initiative was good , it was once the finance department , administration department , so if a regular part of what ‘m not ( net - net ) , it would happen like this if they want to come down for clean up, " said Dahlan .